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These compiled questionnaires helps our users to know the system functionalities of our platform. Click on any buttons below to see answers to the questions you seek.

Company Faq

  • What is Algorithm Trading?
    Algorithm trading has to do with a computer program following a defined set of entries and exit orders as set by a professional trader. Also called automated trading or black box trading, this type of trading is faster, more profitable and more frequently than manual trading. Algorithms can watch the markets 24/7 meaning profits are generated throughout the day.
  • What is the risk for my investment?
    There is always risk in every business including algorithm Trading. But we have an experienced team in risk management and our insurances are kept in check to diminish the risk into the lowest level.
  • Who makes the firm’s policy?

    Our Investment Policy Committee (IPC) makes all strategic investment decisions for our clients’ portfolios. The IPC has over 10 years of combined investing experience. They are supported by our large research department, which includes network engineers, macroeconomist, research scientists and quantitative analysts.

  • When do I receive profits?
    At the end of the each trading session. The duration of trade depends on the package you choose.
  • How safe is my money in my account?
    Your funds are secured by a risk management program which ensures a money-back guarantee.
  • Are there any limits for an investment account?

    The minimum investment amount is $100 and the maximum amount is unlimited.

  • Why is deposit mainly through cryptocurrencies?
    At COINFLUXPRO, we are future oriented and encourage the need to adopt digitally capable means of conducting business since the world is on a complete digital revolution; hence the need to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies.
  • How to make a deposit?
    To make a deposit simply click on the deposit link from the sidebar of your dashboard.
  • Can I have several deposits at once?

    Yes you can have unlimited number of deposits, but each of them will be processed separately depending on your deposit package.

  • How fast are withdrawal requests processed?

    The system works in automatic mode, which means you will get paid instantly to your selected wallet after creating a withdrawal request depending on the cryptocurrency network.

For general inquiries please contact support@coinfluxpro.com